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My paintings hint at my family life and responsibilities with my day-to-day pressures written out in the under layers of the painting. The text, like from a private journal entry intended just for me, are hidden under colorful brush strokes and layers of marks. The details in the painting hold me captive, often distracting me from the bigger picture, making this a personal parallel to my life.

Although my work has personal meaning based on the pressures of kids, family and career, the colors, shapes, movement and lines placed on top of my journal entry are often just a simple reaction to my mood at the moment – sometimes even an escape from the never-ending to-do lists or pressures that lie underneath.  I react to what is directly in front of me at the time, working layer after layer until the work speaks to me. I work listening to music as many artists do which can tip my mood in different directions as well as the colors I use and the strokes I create. The music often alters the state of emotion that was invoked with my original journal entry, making the work morph into something else, just like a mood being altered by a moment with your family or an event surrounding you. The music also acts as inspiration for the titles in my works trying to capture the ever changing moods we are in.


I am continually exploring ways to capture my inner self in the work while honoring the reactive nature of the painting and my often uncertainty with sharing.

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