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Holtzman Garage-Window

Art Gallery

During Stay-at-Home, the Holtzman (Urban) kids decided to host an art gallery to give all of their neighborhood walkers something fun to look at when they were out and about. Our garage windows face an alley, so the 8 windows have artwork generated by our family. Opened for the first time on April 24, 2020, Beck (age 13), Mina (11) and Jace (8) placed works in the windows with titles. Some of the works in their first exhibition titled "Lovely Day", a tribute to Bill Withers who passed away this month, are inspired by color. Some of the works are shown here. We are currently on our third exhibition, Art is Personal - Near and Dear, June 22 - present.

New Exhibition

May 8, 2020 -

June 22, 2020


Appropriation and Alteration


Borrowed images from Instagram.


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